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What started as a simple passion for clean scents began a journey into natural living with body care, creating room ambiance and quality self-care.  First it was out of need- then, out of want !  The realization of the importance of chem-free ingredients came well after the ritual of luxury bathing.  It became apparent to learn more about wellness vs standard care.  Soon, the mission was born to provide a space to share with others while offering worldwide choices in the retail arena.   

Since 1994, world-wide resources have grown and organic relationships strengthened.  Through formal and proper education, ongoing research and vendor seminars, er body care has continued to manifest essential oil products - designed to enhance, not overpower. 

Only pure essential oils are used to create blends for holistic remedies that can assist, support and / or maintain desired state.  Integrity and quality of materials are extremely important as well a visually pleasing presentation for your er experience. 

natural and organic


We care about your overall well being and will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to incorporate pure essential oils into your lifestyle with several modalities to choose from.   Such products include 100% pure essential oils for diffusion, natural car diffusers, essential oil synergies, sprays, butters, cremes, massage oils, scrubs, candles, hemp products and overall body care cleansers.

The mission at ER body care is to holistically create comfortable atmospheres in your home and promote wellness in you!


what we offer


essential oils and synergies

ER offers complete A-Z natural and organic essential oils in singular or synergy form.  Extensive list of suppliers and reliable sources from around the world.  Relationships built on trust and mutual passion for the industry.   Specialty blends for invigoration, calming, grounding, sleep, serenity, focus and even pet relaxation to name a few...

wholesale option for stores in 18, 33 or 96 piece displays

essential oil sprays, inhalers and natural diffusers

Assorted essential oil delivery methods.  Great way to diversify your aromatherapy needs for yourself and your surroundings.  Perfect gifts in creative colorful bottles.  Natural and decorative diffusers for home and auto!

specialty packaging designed to enhance

Home of the dual-ended essential oil synergy bottle.  One end designed for roll-on pulse-points and other end a dropper for use in electric diffuser or massage oil mix.  Great travel buddy for the aromatherapy officinado

natural body care and tattoo / piercing aftercare

General body maintenance coffee and detox scrubs, foot balms, lotions, butters, and an array of sea salt products!  Tattoo aftercare products such as cleansing gel, organic jojoba oil, tea tree, vegan healing cream and sea salt spray for piercings.  

therapeutic muscle rub synergies, creme and massage oils

Most popular composition of essential product choices to alleviate aches and pains in 100% pure essential oil synergy roll-ons, organic nut butter cremes or massage oils.

natural fragrances and parfum oils

Abundant choice of parfum oils in florals, woods, greens and fruits.    


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